Tooth Coloured Restorations

at Dentalcare Langley and Orthodontics

What are Tooth Coloured Restorations?

Occasionally your teeth may become damaged therefore requiring a repair. At Dentalcare Langley and Orthodontics& Orthodontics we use white composite fillings instead of the traditional metal amalgam fillings.

There has been some controversy surrounding the use of mercury within amalgam fillings. Although at the present time there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence to suggest any health issues in the use of amalgam fillings, there has been a gradual shift towards use of white (composite) fillings.

The benefits of white fillings and restorations

There are additional benefits of using a white composite filling.

  • Better Aesthetics. Modern white fillings can blend in to surrounding tooth and can be almost invisible
  • They are bonded onto the tooth which can increase the tooth durability, rather than just placed into a cavity.
  • We usually require less drilling to place a white filling when compared to an amalgam filling, which fits in with our minimum intervention approach.
  • Amalgam fillings have been shown to expand and contract with temperature changes in the mouth which can cause fractures of the tooth.

We can also use white fillings to build up and reshape your smile, this procedure is called composite bonding and is usually performed without drilling or anaesthetic, because it is performed without drilling it is a more cost-effective option to dental veneers.

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